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Company's main business: API and pharmaceutical intermediates; Cosmetic ingredients, healthcare, and food supplements; Plant extracts, nano active products, etc.

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Insist on the ultimate supply and demand experience, and insist on providing valuable market information.

Colorcom Group is a revolutionary global enterprise specializing in international business, with facilities and operations all over the world. Colorcom Group manages and controls a group of subsidiary companies, embracing a broad complex of capabilities in Chinese chemical, technical, industrial, agricultural, biological, food, nutriceutical, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Colorcom Group is always interested in the acquisition of other manufacturers or distributors in relevant areas.

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Colorcom Group's profound background in the chemical industry, strong network technology and business philosophy of "customer value first" will definitely bring more business opportunities and benefits to the majority of users!

  • 2008

    Founded in 2008

  • 3000+

    Supply of products

  • 500+


  • 1000+

    It covers an area of 1000 acres

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